How To Get Somebody Else To Pay Your Mortgage Closing Costs

When you buy a house, your mortgage closing costs can be paid by the mortgage lender or the seller of the home. Here's what to do.
Homebuyer - How to get your mortgage closing costs paid
How Home Buyers Choose Their Own Mortgage Closing Costs

Video Transcript

Did you know: What you’ll pay in mortgage closing costs is typically within your control? That comes as news to most people.

Here’s how it works.

With every mortgage, there are costs. You pay costs for people, for technologies, and for the various services rendered. And by law, those costs must be the same for every loan. Lenders can’t charge different fees to different consumers for the same service provided because that kind of practice is discriminatory.

As a home buyer, though, how your costs are paid is up to you. You retain control.

Have you ever heard of points? They’re the one-time fee for access to lower rates than you might otherwise be offered. Points are sometimes called “discount points” because they get you “discounts” against your mortgage rate, but they cost money.

Well, there’s a reverse of points, too.

Instead of paying additional fees for access to lower rates, you agree to pay fewer fees in exchange for taking a higher rate. This reverse points setup — which lenders call REBATE — can usually be used to lower your closing costs completely and it’s common for buyers to make use of at least some form of closing cost credit with their loans.

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And, happy homebuying.