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Homebuyer is deeply rooted in Over-The-Rhine, right in the heart of Cincinnati's burgeoning technology hub. We're fortunate to be neighbors with the historic Findlay Market, a testament to Cincinnati's rich history and vibrant culture. Just two blocks away, the roars from the new FC Cincinnati soccer stadium echo, symbolizing the city's passion and unity. And the esteemed University of Cincinnati stands tall just up the hill from us, a beacon of knowledge and progress.

Our location isn't just an office; it's a testament to our commitment to being part of Cincinnati's growth, development, and community spirit. Every day, we're inspired by the energy and innovation that buzzes around us. It drives us to serve our customers better and make homeownership dreams come true.

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Technology and online resources form a crucial part of our service, but we also value face-to-face interactions. If you're in the area, drop by for a chat. Whether it's to discuss your homeownership aspirations, understand the mortgages better, or simply to share a story about Cincinnati, our doors are always open.

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230 Findlay Street, Second Floor, Cincinnati, OH 45214 (Google Maps)

FAQ: Find Answers Fast Below

  • Who is Homebuyer.com?

    Homebuyer.com is a specialized mortgage lender that exclusively serves first-time home buyers. We are industry pioneers, acknowledging the void of practical help and advice for first-time buyers who often feel overwhelmed and underserved. To bridge this gap, we offer clear, transparent, and actionable insights without the jargon typical in the mortgage world. By dedicating our entire service model to first-time buyers, we ensure that our advice, solutions, and lending practices are particularly aligned with the challenges and opportunities they face.

  • Are you a licensed mortgage company?

    Absolutely. Homebuyer.com operates as a licensed mortgage lender in partnership with Novus Home Mortgage, a division of the federally-licensed Ixonia Bank. This partnership enables us to provide a seamless lending experience. We aren't merely mortgage brokers who connect borrowers to lenders. Instead, we have the authority to lend our banking partner's funds. Our operations follow strict compliance guidelines, and our licensing credentials include: Member FDIC, Equal Housing Lender, and NMLS 423065.

  • How is Homebuyer.com different from other mortgage advice websites?

    Homebuyer.com goes beyond just providing advice. Unlike many other platforms that act as intermediaries or affiliate marketers, we are licensed mortgage lenders. This means we can guide you through the mortgage application process and approve, underwrite, and fund your mortgage. Additionally, our concentrated focus on first-time homebuyers guarantees that our resources, tools, and advice are tailor-made to address this group's specific challenges.

  • Why do you only focus on first-time home buyers?

    Homeownership is a transformative journey toward financial independence and generational wealth. First-time homebuyers, however, face ownership differently from other buyers. They face unfamiliar terms, processes, and decisions. Homebuyer.com simplifies buying a home and makes it feel more attainable with tailored advice, mortgage tools, and helpful resources to ensure a smooth transition from hopeful buyer to proud homeowner.

  • Which loans does Homebuyer.com offer?

    Homebuyer.com is backed by a federal bank so we offer every government-backed mortgage loan available. This includes conventional loans through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, FHA loans, VA loans for veterans and active members of the military, 100% USDA for home buyers in less-populated parts of the country, and more. Get pre-approved and let Homebuyer.com help you determine which mortgage loan type is best for you.

  • How can I be sure the advice I receive is unbiased and trustworthy?

    Our commitment to integrity is unwavering. At Homebuyer.com, we believe that an informed homebuyer is an empowered one. We have constructed our editorial framework around pillars of clarity, empowerment, and rigorous fact-checking. Every piece of advice, every article, and every tool undergoes meticulous scrutiny by industry experts. We recommend diving into our Editorial Guidelines to understand our rigorous standards.

  • What kind of educational resources do you offer to guide first-time homebuyers?

    Education forms the backbone of Homebuyer.com's mission. Recognizing the complexity of the home-buying journey, especially for novices, we've meticulously curated a vast resource hub. This includes a regularly updated YouTube channel where mortgage professionals and market experts demystify daunting real estate concepts. We also boast an extensive article repository featuring in-depth research, evolving market trends, and actionable advice. Moreover, for those seeking structured guidance, our interactive online courses offer a step-by-step walkthrough of the entire home-buying process.

  • How do I get started with Homebuyer.com?

    First-time home buyers should get pre-approved before anything else. It takes less than 3 minutes. After, we'll assign an experienced loan guide to help with your budget, and optionally pair you with a real estate expert to guide you through the next steps.

  • Do you charge fees for getting pre-approved or using your online resources?

    No, Homebuyer.com operates on the ethos that foundational knowledge should never come at a prohibitive cost. Keeping this in mind, we've ensured that our plethora of educational content, ranging from insightful videos to detailed articles and courses, is universally accessible and free. Similarly, our pre-approval pathway is structured to be fee-less, allowing you to venture into the housing market with a clear financial outlook without upfront financial impediments.

  • How long does it take to get a mortgage approved with Homebuyer.com?

    While our pre-approval system is notably rapid, often yielding results in minutes, the comprehensive mortgage approval process is more nuanced. Factors such as your unique financial footprint, the intricacies of the property in question, and the readiness of requisite documentation play a role. Regardless of these variables, our dedicated team adopts a proactive stance, ensuring a transparent, efficient, and expedited approval journey.

  • Can I speak directly to someone if I have questions or concerns?

    Embracing technology doesn't mean sidelining the human touch. At Homebuyer.com, we marry the efficiency of digital tools with the warmth of human interaction. Our team of mortgage experts stands ready to address your queries, concerns, and clarifications. Whether it's a brief question about our tools or an elaborate discussion on mortgage dynamics, we're here for you. And for those seeking specialized advice, our CEO, Dan Green, continues to be a hands-on guiding force.

  • How do you ensure my personal information is safe and secure?

    In an increasingly digital world, safeguarding sensitive information is non-negotiable. Homebuyer.com adopts a fortress-like approach to data security. Harnessing advanced encryption methods, top-tier cybersecurity protocols, and regular audits, we ensure that your personal and financial data remains sacrosanct. This unwavering commitment to security serves as a testament to our dedication to fostering trust and transparency.

  • Are there any special programs or offers for first-time homebuyers?

    The landscape of homeownership is dotted with incentives, rebates, and programs for first-time buyers. From local grants to federal tax incentives to specialized lending programs, we stay abreast of the latest offerings so you don't have to.

  • How can I stay updated with the latest from Homebuyer.com?

    We've created multiple way for home buyers to stay in the know. Our YouTube channel is updated daily. Our email newsletter is a rich source of exclusive market analysis, evolving trends, and company announcements. Bookmarking this website and following our active social media channels for real-time updates ensures you're always a step ahead.

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