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Dan Green is a licensed mortgage loan officer, mortgage industry expert, and son of a real estate agent. Since 2003, he's helped millions of first-time home buyers achieve their American Dream of homeownership as a loan originator and author of mortgage- and real estate-focused information.

He's also a featured industry leader. Dan speaks to large and small audiences about mortgage, real estate, and homeownership topics. The Wall Street Journal, NPR, Bloomberg, and other media outlets have cited his expertise.

Dan is a top-producing mortgage loan originator with multiple sales and customer service awards, including The Techstars Give First Award, which is presented to the person who lives the ideal of relationships over transactions.

Today, Dan leads Homebuyer.com, the mortgage lender for first-time home buyers, as its Chief Executive Officer. He leads the organization while continuing to educate and inspire aspiring U.S. homeowners with articles, posts, and videos.

Prior to Homebuyer.com, Dan built a career based on experience and trust.

He graduated with honors from Penn State University and joined the New York City office of PriceWaterhouseCoopers as a software engineer. His clients included Fortune 100 banks and other Wall Street companies.

During this time, Dan built a customer relationship management (CRM) package for an upstart mortgage company. He fell in love with the mortgage industry and its ability to help everyday people build wealth through homeownership and strengthen neighborhoods and communities. The mortgage company offered him a full-time role as a mortgage loan originator. Dan accepted the position.

He earned Rookie of the Year honors in his first year originating mortgages, and the Roger Bannister Award for developing systems that delivered better service and quality. Dan later originated loans for Chicago-based Mobium Mortgage where he was named to the Top Mortgages Lenders of Chicago, and after aligning with Milwaukee-based mortgage company Waterstone Mortgage, Dan was a top originator for multiple years.

To support his practice, Dan built The Mortgage Reports, a consumer-facing mortgage blog. The Mortgage Reports and its plain-language mortgage and real estate explanations earned the site a strong, repeat readership. The Mortgage Reports website attracted millions of renters, home buyers, and homeowners annually.

The Mortgage Reports was later acquired, after which Dan started Homebuyer.com.

Dan and his wife live in Cincinnati with their three children, two dogs, and one rabbit. The house is always lively.

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