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Dan Green

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Trusted Content

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43 Curb Appeal Ideas for First-Time Home Buyers

Our curb appeal guide offers 43 practical ideas to improve your home’s appearance from the street, increase its market value, and make it more welcoming and livable for everyone.

Make Your Front Door Better

Your front door sets the stage for welcoming guests into your home. Make a lasting first impression with these straightforward upgrades to boost your home’s curb appeal.

Repaint Your Front Door

Transform your front door on a budget by choosing a new paint color for under $50. Opt for a hue that harmonizes with your house’s exterior, or go bold with a striking blue or red to make an impact. If your neighborhood is part of a homeowners association, check its by-laws for potential color restrictions.

Change Your Front Door Hardware

Revitalize your door with new handles and hardware. With options starting under $150, you can easily change the look and feel of your entrance. Match the hardware style and finish to the design elements of your door and windows.

Add Window Enhancements

Add fresh curtains or blinds and paint the trim to keep your windows looking clean and appealing. Apply decorative window decals with patterns like frosting or colorful suncatcher effects for added privacy and style.

Create Welcoming Flourishes

Welcome visitors with a personalized touch, such as a custom sign or doormat that starts at less than $20. From family names to playful messages, you can make your greeting as unique as your home.

Hang a Decorative Door Knocker

Add elegance to your entrance with a stylish door knocker. Available in various designs to complement your home’s aesthetic, door knockers can also be personalized with engravings for as little as $15.

Use Seasonal Wreaths

Easily update your front door’s look with the classic charm of a wreath. Choose one for year-round display or celebrate the seasons and holidays with themed designs. For a personal touch, craft a wreath in a unique shape, like your family’s initial.

Graphic: Landscaping Ideas For Your New Home

Improve Your Front Porch

Your front porch is a sneak peek into your home’s unique style and an ideal relaxing place. With a few small enhancements, you can elevate its charm and usefulness, making it a more inviting space for gatherings or quiet moments.

Give Your Outdoor Furniture a Makeover

Update your porch furniture by reupholstering it. You only need fabric, batting, and a staple gun. Add something unique, like a hammock swing or a vintage coffee table to make the space stand out. Mix in some contrasting pillows or a rug for extra style.

Create Safe Spaces From Sunlight

Use shades, curtains, and blinds to keep your porch cool and cozy. These help with the sun and make your porch look like an extension of your home. You can get soft curtains for under $30 to create a private, relaxing area.

Brighten Your Landscape With Lighting

Add lights to your yard to highlight its best parts and make it safer. Use solar lights to avoid wiring and save on electricity. A pack of eight solar lights usually costs about $50.

Add Native Landscaping

Plant local flowers and grasses that don’t need much care. They help local wildlife, make your yard look good, and are good for the environment.

Make Your Windows Pop With Style

Your home’s windows offer glimpses into your life while framing your view of the outside world. A few creative touches transform basic glass panes into standout features that enhance your home’s aesthetic. This section shares ways to make your windows eye-catching.

Add Flower Planters

Flower planters are versatile and are available in plenty of styles. For a DIY approach, repurpose glass jars and tins into unique planters, or hunt for budget-friendly options at a thrift store. Flower planters boost curb appeal all year round, allowing you to switch up with seasonal blooms, ornamental herbs, or even small vegetables for a touch of greenery.

Paint The Shutters

Adding or updating window shutters will change the look of your home. Whether you opt for functional or decorative shutters, give them a fresh coat of paint that matches your home and its look. If you’re starting from scratch, exterior shutters start at $50 per unit or get creative with pallets or reclaimed wood for a custom solution. If your home is governed by a homeowners association, check the community by-laws for color or style restrictions.

Add Tasteful Awnings

The right awnings can enhance your home’s aesthetic, provide valuable shade, and protect its interior from sunlight and outside heat. According to Miamism, the basic rule of awnings is to match the window’s angle with the awning’s angle. Square and rectangular windows dictate a square or rectangle awning and arched windows dictate arched awnings. Window awnings cost up to $500 each, but homeowners can always undertake a DIY project for a personalized touch.

Improve Your Yard

Making your front yard beautiful doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to upkeep. You can start by choosing plants that fit your lifestyle and care preferences. Then, introduce features that draw the eye, such as a small fountain, a burst of color, or a majestic tree, and design your yard around these central elements.

Plant Ornamental Trees

Trees add depth and color to your garden with minimal upkeep. Small trees are easy to manage, and species like Juniper can be sculpted into stunning shapes. The cost varies based on the tree’s age and type, and trees like Red Maples grow relatively quickly, adding multiple feet in height per year.

Add Gorgeous Greenery

A mix of shrubs, grasses, trees, and ornamental herbs can mimic the serene feel of a forest and require only occasional watering and trimming to flourish. It’s also worth exploring good luck plants which are believable to bestow good fortune.

Maintain a Well-Kept Walkway

Maintaining a clean, neatly trimmed walkway or enhancing one with bricks or flowers instantly elevates your home’s exterior. Stone or brick upgrades can transform a simple pathway into an inviting journey through your yard. A winding path, in particular, adds character and shape to your yard.

Add a Floral Finish

Integrating flower beds around trees and focal points gives bursts of color and texture, elevating your yard’s aesthetic. Make flower beds larger with flowing edges and varied shapes for more dramatic effects. Starting a flower bed can be as affordable as purchasing mulch and flowers, with prices beginning at $5 for live plants. Growing from seeds is an even more budget-friendly option.

Choose Tasteful Planter Placements

Planters are a smart solution for adding greenery without having to dig or commit too much of your yard. Strategically placed planters enhance your landscaping and its aesthetic, extending your greenery from the yard to the porch and around your home.

Keep a Healthy Lawn

A well-maintained lawn is foundational to your home’s curb appeal and requires surprisingly little care. Understand your grass type and its needs to keep the lawn lush and green. Regular weeding, treating, and seeding of bare spots will keep it looking its best. Mow regularly and keep your lines clean.

Infographic: Creative Ideas For The Garden In Your First Home

Home Accessories That Improve Curb Appeal

Home accessories like mailboxes and house numbers make a big difference in how your home looks from the street. In this section, you’ll see how the small touches can add a big flourish to your home’s style and make it stand out.

Replace Your Mailbox

Give your mailbox a makeover to match with your home’s new look. You can purchase one new or paint your existing mailbox a new color. Make it personal by adding your address, family name, or something that shows off your interests, like a sports logo or a pet painting. Decorating the area around your mailbox with flowers can also add a nice touch.

Make Your House Numbers Visible

Ensure your house numbers are easy to see from the street by painting them on the curb or mailbox or hanging them on your porch. Creating a planter box or other creative display for your numbers is a great way to welcome visitors and add an extra safety measure in an emergency.

Add A Modest Fence

A picket fence is a timeless addition that makes any house feel like a home. You can add fencing to part of your yard or enclose your yard completely for more definition and style. Even a small fence can enhance the look of your flower beds or lawn edge. If applicable, check with your homeowners association before installing new fencing.

Cleaning for Curb Appeal

Cleaning your outdoor areas is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to boost curb appeal. A clean exterior looks inviting to guests and passers-by, and enhances the appearance of your home. A little effort can go a long way in making a great first impression.

Give Your Home An Exterior Scrub

Power wash your home’s exterior to remove mildew or moss. For homes with siding, use a cleansing mixture of household cleaner, vinegar, and water. Renting a pressure washer from a local hardware store can cost less than $100 a day, and most homes can be completed in a few hours.

Do a Walkway Wash

Dirt and grime build up on sidewalks and driveways over time. Clean these areas with a power washer or a stiff-bristled brush. To avoid damage on tiled walkways, use a soft-bristled brush.

Pick Up Yard Debris

Clear away fallen leaves, sticks, and debris to keep your yard looking its best. Remove weeds and dead or dying plants to maintain a healthy lawn.

Clean Your Roof and Empty Your Gutters

Remove leaves and debris from your gutters and roof. Check for and repair any damage, such as missing shingles. Algae or moss can be gently washed away. If you prefer to call a professional roof and gutter cleaning, ask a friend for a referral to a trusted professional.

Scrub Down Your Porch and Patio Areas

Give your porch and patio a thorough scrub, clearing debris between wood boards and preserving existing finishes. If needed, apply a sealant to protect the wood, and consider retouching or repainting for a fresh look.

Give Your Windows Some Sparkle

For crystal-clear windows, rinse the glass with a hose and soapy solution on a cloudy day and scrub the trim clean. Clean the exterior of your windows and rinse away bugs, dirt, and debris from screens.

Weekend Curb Appeal Ideas For Your Home

Looking for quick ways to enhance your curb appeal? Here are some simple, affordable improvements you can complete over a weekend.

Place a Bird Feeder

Placing a bird feeder invites various birds, adding natural beauty and lively interaction to your yard.

Hang Flower Baskets

Hanging flower baskets elevate porches with vibrant colors and scents, enhancing the welcoming vibe of your home.

Trim Your Hedges

Trimming your hedges shapes and controls growth, ensuring a tidy and manicured appearance for your landscape.

Fence Around Your HVAC Unit

Fencing around your HVAC unit conceals utility units elegantly, integrating them seamlessly into your yard’s aesthetic.

Start a Container Garden

Starting a container garden offers versatility in plants and placement, perfect for adding pops of color anywhere, especially in limited spaces.

Add a Rug to Your Porch

Adding a rug to your porch introduces warmth and texture, making your entrance more inviting and comfortable.

Install a Porch Swing

Installing a porch swing creates a cozy, charming, relaxing spot, adding nostalgia to your outdoor space.

Hang Decorative Lights on Your Porch

Hanging decorative lights on your porch illuminates your entrance with style, enhancing safety and adding a welcoming evening glow.

Line Your Driveway with Bricks or Flowers

Line your driveway with bricks or flowers to border it for a polished look that guides guests to your home.

Clean and Restain Fencing

Cleaning and re-staining fencing refreshes and protects, extending their life and improving your property’s look.

Paint Your Foundation

Painting your foundation gives your home’s base a clean, updated appearance, masking imperfections and preventing moisture damage.

Place Outdoor Art

Placing outdoor art introduces personality and focal points, making your garden or yard unique and appealing.

Refresh Mulch and Gravel

Refreshing mulch and gravel maintains garden health and appearance, reduces weeds, and ensures soil moisture. It also has a neat finish.

Upgrade Your Downspouts

Upgrading your downspouts enhances water diversion efficiency with improved aesthetics, protecting your home’s foundation and landscaping.

Illustration: Family-Friendly Lawn Projects For The Household That Can Be Completed In A Weekend 

Common Questions About Curb Appeal

Does curb appeal actually work?

Yes, curb appeal influences a home’s first impression, which increases its perceived market value. It reflects the homeowner’s pride and care for their property. Curb appeal accounts for seven percent of a home’s sale price.

Can I improve my curb appeal on a limited budget?

Yes, simple actions like painting the front door, maintaining the lawn, and adding a few garden plants can make a noticeable difference without a big price tag.

What are some quick wins for boosting curb appeal?

Quick curb appeal boosts include adding or updating house numbers, cleaning the exterior and walkways, planting flowers, and ensuring functional and welcoming outdoor lighting.

How important is lighting in curb appeal?

Outdoor lighting is a large part of improving a home’s curb appeal because great lighting highlights a home’s features, improves safety, and creates a welcoming atmosphere. It also accentuates landscaping, architecture, and paths.

Do curb appeal investments pay off?

According to the National Association of REALTORS® Remodeling Impact Report, homeowners who mulch their yards annually, keep a mowed yard, and prune their shrubs and plants see a 104 percent return on investment which means – yes, curb appeal investments pay off!

How does a well-maintained driveway contribute to curb appeal?

A clean and well-maintained driveway improves curb appeal by creating a neat, uncluttered path to your home. Edge your driveway with flowers or lighting for an added touch of charm.

Can I use curb appeal to raise my home value and stop paying mortgage insurance?

Adding curb appeal can increase a home’s value, so homeowners with a conventional mortgage who pay mortgage insurance may be eligible to remove their PMI after finishing their curb appeal projects. As of [current date], mortgage insurance on FHA loans is permanent, so FHA-backed homeowners would not be eligible for mortgage insurance removal.

Can I get a lower mortgage rate by adding curb appeal to my home?

No, adding curb appeal is not one of the ways to lower your mortgage rate. But, if your curb appeal projects increase your home equity which results in a lower loan-to-value, you may be eligible to refinance to today’s current mortgage rates which are near 6.5%.

What role do color and design play in enhancing curb appeal?

Color and design create an attractive and cohesive look for your home. Choose colors that complement your home and design your outdoor space with a clear theme or style that can make your property stand out.

Can updating my mailbox really make a difference?

Yes, updating or customizing your mailbox can add a unique touch to your home’s exterior. It’s a small detail that can significantly contribute to your property’s overall curb appeal.


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