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This Is The Most Gorgeous Front Entry To A Home I'Ve Ever Seen And I Would Die A Happy Person To Have Flower Beds That Look Even Half As Pretty Omg So Gorgeous

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42 Beautiful Curb Appeal Ideas To Fit Your Budget

Few things are more welcoming than pulling up to your new home with a freshly mowed lawn, blooming flower beds, and inviting patio furniture.

This warm welcome is known as curb appeal, and it’s a great way to personalize your home and greet guests before they get to your front door.

Updating your home’s curb appeal is an excellent way to increase its perceived home value and customize the outside of your house. Don’t worry — home upgrades can be affordable.  We’ve collected 43 curb appeal ideas to customize your home’s exterior based on your budget.

Front Door Curb Appeal Ideas

First impressions matter and your front door is the first thing welcoming your guests into your home. Invite your friends and family inside with these simple front door upgrades to enhance the curb appeal of your home.

1. Bold and beautiful color

A new paint color transforms your front door, and you can do it yourself for under $50. Choose a shade that complements your home’s exterior colors. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

A bright statement color adds a “wow” factor. Consider a bold blue or red to accent your home.

2. New hardware and handles

New door handles can refresh your front door with a new color, shape, or style. Entry-level hardware costs under $150 and installs quickly and easily. Consider the shapes in the surrounding door and window designs to decide what hardware style and finish you like.

3. Window decor and tints

Clean and beautiful windows make your home look inviting. Install new curtains or blinds to freshen your windows’ appearance. Clean and repaint the trim for the finishing touch.

You can also apply window decals for more privacy. These come in various patterns that can “frost” your windows or create bursts of color with a suncatcher effect.

4. Warm welcome

A welcome sign can be as simple or custom as you’d like and offers a friendly “hello” to all of your guests. Make or purchase a simple welcome sign or doormat for under $20.

There are several ways to customize your welcome with your family name or a punny greeting. Consider adding pictures of your family or pet, too.

5. Decorative door knocker

Installing a door knocker is a classic way to dress up your front door. Door knockers come in plenty of styles to match your hardware and personal aesthetic. They cost as little as $15 and can be engraved with a greeting, your family name, or any other customization.

6. Welcome wreath

The classic front door wreath is hard to beat and an easy way to update your seasonal decor. Choose a staple wreath for year-round or pick one for each season or major holiday. You can also craft custom wreaths in creative shapes, like your family initial.

Front Porch Curb Appeal Ideas

Your front porch serves as a sneak peek into your decor style and is a perfect gathering place to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. These easy upgrades can transform your front porch for entertaining.

7. Furniture makeover

You don’t have to invest in all new furniture for a beautiful look. Update your patio furniture with new upholstery for the cost of fabric, batting, and a staple gun.

Consider adding a statement piece like a hammock swing or vintage coffee table for an exciting dynamic. A contrasting pillow pattern or rug can also transform your space.

8. Sun safety

Shades are great for keeping your porch cool and comfortable for entertaining. Features like curtains and blinds also level up your decor and make your porch feel like an extension of your interior. Consider soft curtains for under $30 for a relaxing and private atmosphere.

Eco-Friendly Curb Appeal Ideas

Decorate your yard with eco-friendly features that will light up your home while helping the environment.

Graphic: Landscaping Ideas For Your New Home

9. Landscape lighting

Landscape lighting illuminates the best features of your yard while adding shape and dimension. Line your walkways for decor and safety and hang string lights on your patio for late-night entertaining.

Choose solar lights to skip the electrical wiring and save on utility bills. A set of eight solar landscape lights costs about $50.

10. Native landscaping

Plant flowers and grasses native to your local ecosystem that can thrive with little maintenance. Native plant species also support local wildlife and pollinators, so your yard will look beautiful and benefit the environment.

Curb Appeal Upgrades for Your Windows

Windows are vital features in your home’s architecture. A few upgrades can improve your curb appeal and add focus to your home’s design.

11. Flower planters

Flower planters come in many styles so you can find affordable ones that match your home. Make your own planters with glass jars and tins, or purchase affordable planters from thrift stores if you’re on a budget.

These are staples for quick curb appeal upgrades and look beautiful year-round with seasonal flowers. Plant ornamental herbs or small vegetables if you prefer greenery over florals.

12. Painted shutters

Shutters are easy to build yourself or buy and install. They can be functional or decorative to best suit your needs. Re-paint your shutters if your home already has them for a sleek finish and updated color palette.

Exterior shutters start at $50, or you can make your own with pallets or reclaimed wood.

13. Adorable awnings

Awnings look great and offer the benefit of additional shade. Cloth awnings can protect your interior from the sun’s heat, while wooden pergola awnings can grow plants that add to your garden.

Window awnings can cost up to $450, but they can also be made at home.

Landscaping Curb Appeal Ideas

Impressive landscaping can be affordable and easy to maintain when you purchase the right plants for your lifestyle. Start by adding features and work around a focal point, like a fountain or large tree.

14. Ornamental trees

Trees add levels and color to your yard design with little maintenance required. Small trees are straightforward to trim, though you can choose a Juniper tree to sculpt into eye-catching designs.

Costs vary depending on the age and kind of tree you buy, and there are plenty of Arbor Day deals to explore.

15. Gorgeous greenery

Beautiful front yards don’t require meticulously planned flower gardens. Green shrubs, grasses, trees, and ornamental herbs can create a welcoming escape similar to walking into a forest. Occasional watering and trimmings are all these plants need to thrive. Be sure to read up on good luck plants for your home.

16. Well-kept walkways

Keep your walkways clean and neat by trimming the edges regularly or framing the path with brick or flowers. You can also upgrade your sidewalk with stone or brick. Consider a winding path to add shape and character to your yard design.

17. Floral finish

Flower beds add pops of color and texture to brighten your landscaping. Plant small flower beds around trees and other focal points for a simple polish. Extensive flower beds with flowing edges and shapes provide depth and interest.

A beautiful flower bed can be planted for the cost of mulch and your choice of flowers. Affordable flowers start at $5 per live plant, though you can grow your own from seeds to save more.

18. Planter placements

Use planters to arrange plants around your yard without having to dig or mulch the area. You can also bring these plants in as the seasons change to save on buying new plants each year.

Planters also let you extend your landscaping onto your porch and around your home.

19. Healthy lawn

A green and lush lawn beautifies every home and doesn’t require much maintenance. Learn what grass you have planted and its care requirements to keep it healthy. Regularly weed and treat your lawn, and place grass seed in any bare spots.

DIY lawn maintenance is practically free, and weed killer starts at $20.

DIY Creative Curb Appeal Ideas

Stunning curb appeal is easy to do yourself. Get creative and try these simple upgrades to refresh your home’s curb appeal.

Infographic: Creative Ideas For The Garden In Your First Home

20. Mailbox revamp

Install a new mailbox or paint your current one to match your new home’s curb appeal and upgrades. Customize your mailbox with your street address, family name, or hobbies for a personalized welcome. Don’t forget to decorate with flowers, flags, or fencing around your mailbox for the perfect finishing touch.

Many decorative mailboxes are available for $100 or less, or you can repaint your mailbox for about $10.

21. House numbers

Paint house numbers on your curb or mailbox, or hang numbers on your porch to make your home easy to find. You can also build a planter box or another decorative feature to post your address for welcoming guests.

22. Fence finesse

A classic picket fence will always feel like home. Install partial or complete fencing to define your yard and add polish. A small fence is excellent for lining flower beds or defining the edge of your lawn.

Most decorative garden fencing costs up to $15 per two-foot panel. However, you can choose more affordable or expensive options according to your taste.

Cleaning for Curb Appeal

Cleaning the outside of your house and lawn is potentially the cheapest and easiest way to improve your curb appeal.

23. Exterior scrub

Power wash to deep clean your home’s exterior and remove mildew or moss. You can also clean your siding with household cleaner, vinegar, water, or Simple Green and a soft-bristled brush. This is the safest choice if your siding manufacturer warns against using a power washer.

Rent a pressure washer from your local hardware store for less than $100 a day.

24. Walkway wash

Sidewalks and driveways also accumulate dirt and grime throughout the year. Use a power washer or stiff-bristled brush with a handle to scrub brick and stone clean. Gently clean with a soft-bristled brush if your walkway has tile.

25. Yard cleanup

Clear your yard to showcase its best features. Clean up any fallen leaves or sticks and add them to compost or take them out with your next trash pickup. Be sure to clear weeds and dead or dying plants to keep your lawn healthy.

26. Roof and gutters

Clear leaves and debris out of your gutters and angles on your roof. Check for damage and repair any missing shingles while you have the ladder out. You can soft wash any algae or moss that’s accumulated.

27. Porch and patio

Scrub your porch and patio clean, and don’t forget to remove debris from between the wood boards. Add a sealant if your deck is due for a new coating to protect the wood from the weather. Retouch paint as necessary or repaint the whole patio for a new look.

28. Sparkling windows

Rinse your windows with a hose and scrub the trim for sparkling windows. Wash the outside of your windows and rinse your screens thoroughly to remove dirt and pollen.

Bonus Easy Curb Appeal Ideas

Want to boost your curb appeal quickly? These easy upgrades are budget-friendly and can be finished in a weekend.

  • 29. Place a bird feeder
  • 30. Hang flower baskets
  • 31. Trim your hedges
  • 32. Fence around your HVAC unit
  • 32. Start a container garden
  • 34. Add a rug to your porch
  • 35. Install a porch swing
  • 36. Hang decorative lights on your porch
  • 37. Line your driveway with bricks or flowers
  • 38. Clean and restrain fencing
  • 39. Paint your foundation
  • 40. Place outdoor art
  • 41. Refresh mulch and gravel
  • 42. Upgrade your downspouts
Illustration: Family-Friendly Lawn Projects For The Household That Can Be Completed In A Weekend&Nbsp;

Customize your home with refreshed curb appeal and a few personalized touches. A beautiful front yard doesn’t have to be expensive and can improve your home’s perceived value. Just pick a few projects to start on and build your curb appeal over time.

Happy Homebuying!

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