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A Better Mortgage Experience

Interactive Lesson Plans For Home Buyers

"How To Buy A Home" isn't taught to us in school. Use Homebuyer's interactive lesson plans to help you get smart and feel in control.

Supremely Low Mortgage Rates

Mortgage advertising rules don't let us say we have lowest mortgage rates in the business, so just look at the testimonials - our customers will tell you.

The Right Mortgage Choices - Every Time

You'll never feel stressed about your mortgage loan. Homebuyer filters your options and makes sure you get the most suitable loan for your life and your home.

Instant Notifications & Updates

You'll never have to wait for an update. When we get the news, you get the news - no delays.

Text, Chat, Phone, or Slack With Us

Tell us how you to communicate with you. This is your loan - we're here to make it easy for you.

Get Rid Of The Guesswork

You'll always know your loan's status and what Homebuyer is doing for you at that moment.

The Best Way To Learn Quickly

Homebuyer's mortgage content is personalized and directed at you. You'll get all the help you need to be the best possible buyer. No more random Googling.

Secure Document Transfers

You'll upload your mortgage documents securely using Homebuyer's industry-leading encryption. No more unprotected emails! Privacy guaranteed.

Homebuyer Is 100% Free For Everyone

Working with another mortgage lender? You can still use the Homebuyer website! Educated buyers are good for housing, and housing is good for all of us.

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Built For First-Time Home Buyers

The Best Mortgage Information

Homebuyer education is linked to lower mortgage rates, fewer closing costs, and a 42% reduction in foreclosure rates2. We love those results. It's why we give every Homebuyer customer a personalized mortgage curriculum. It's the best mortgage education you'll get from anywhere.

Guaranteed Low Mortgage Rates

There are no commissioned salespeople at Homebuyer. This means that every customer gets a direct and affordable low mortgage rate they can rely on, and limited closing costs to keep life simple. Buying a home is expensive. Your mortgage payment should never be.

Help When You Need It, 24/7

Buying a home is an emotional and financial journey. You don't have to do it alone. Homebuyer understands what it's like to buy a home. We're on-call for you when you need us via text, chat, phone, or Slack. You can also login anytime to see your approval in-progress, updated every minute.


The Reviews Are In

"Homebuyer was simply amazing. By far the lowest rate of any online lender and they made me feel completely at ease through the whole process. I couldn't recommend them more highly."

Trevor Boehm
Homebuyer Customer

"Homebuyer made this so easy! I got an incredible rate and much better than any other offer. No hidden fees, totally upfront, and they are always accessible for questions. Thank you, Homebuyer!"

Michael Jerryson
Homebuyer Customer

"As a 22-year-old who didn't even know what a mortgage was, Homebuyer gave me clear, plain-English explanations and made home-buying easier and more stress-free. I saved money and closed quickly."

Brian Hoang
Homebuyer Customer

"I went into home buying with a lot of Google knowledge, but not much else. Homebuyer explained buying a home to me and made it easy to comprehend. They were responsive and helpful and went the extra mile. I was impressed."

Haley Keith
Homebuyer Customer

"As a first time homebuyer, I had a lot of questions. Homebuyer took the time to get to know me, and to address all of them - very appreciated. I highly recommend! Homebuyer is great!"

Paul Yerhot
Homebuyer Customer

"Homebuyer impressed me at every stage of the transaction. They did an outstanding job. Combine their level of service with the best rates you can find, and it's a winning combination."

Ryan Stitzer
Homebuyer Customer

"I had a wonderful experience with Homebuyer. It was smooth all the way through. Homebuyer was reliable and made me feel confident. Highly recommend for first time buyers!"

Rachel Volbert
Homebuyer Customer

Get More Than What You Pay For

Homebuyer is a free resource for home buyers. Get relevant advice, access to our team, plus a personalized home buyer curriculum. Learn more. Get smart. Take control. Be the best home buyer you can be. All for the price of $0.

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This Is Who We Serve

Home Buyers With Larger Downpayments and Smaller Downpayments

You don't need twenty percent down to buy a home. The typical first-time home buyer makes an 11% down payment1, and many first-timers put down 3 percent or less. Homebuyer is a low-down payment mortgage loan specialist. You'll get the home you want with a mortgage that fits.

First-time home buyers dancing in their new home
First-time home buyers planting a garden

Home Buyers With Higher Credit Scores And Lower Credit Scores

You don't need perfect credit to get a mortgage approved and Homebuyer works for buyers across wide ranges of credit scores. From below average ratings to prime credit scores, Homebuyer helps home buyers maximize their credit scores and minimize their mortgage rates.

Home Buyers With Larger Loan Sizes And Smaller Loan Sizes

You're buying your first home. You've never purchased something this valuable in your life. And, whether you think your mortgage is large or small, it's the most important loan in the world to Homebuyer because it's yours. Homebuyer treats every home buyer with total care and attention - they deserve it.

First-time home buyers in their new home for the first time
First-time home buyer mother and daughter snuggling in their new home

Home Buyers In All 50 States

Homebuyer lends in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. so matter where you live or where you move, Homebuyer can help you with your education and your mortgage. Homebuyer is perfect for first-time buyers moving across town or even moving cross-county to work remote.

Home Buyers Like You

There are 328 million people living in the United States. Each of us are worthy of respect. Homebuyer does not discriminate. We celebrate our differences in background, perspective, and lifestyle. All are welcome here. We live by a simple rule: Do right by others. We're here to do right by you.

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For Next Week or Next Year - We're Here For You Today

The typical first-time home buyer spends two years planning to buy a home. That's a lot of time to learn. Start on Homebuyer early - maximize your buyer experience.

Or, maybe you're buying your home right now. Our home buyer education will help you get better mortgage rates, fewer closing costs, and a faster, less-stressful approval.

It's impossible to join Homebuyer too soon. Renters and future homeowners are always welcome.

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By submitting this form to Homebuyer, you consent to receive email, text messages, and phone calls. We don't share personal information and we never send spam. Read our complete privacy policy below. Your privacy is protected.