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34 Ways For Home Buyers To Meet Their New Neighbors

Home buyers appreciate great neighbors and neighborhoods. 

A Bank of America study showed that home buyers value connected communities, and nearly two-thirds said neighborhood quality is their number one reason for choosing where to buy — higher than home affordability even.

Strong communities and neighbors improve your life and offer safety and social wellness.

So, after you move in and finish your home maintenance checklist, make plans to meet your neighbors.

This article lists 34 ways to meet your neighbors, from passive activities like sitting on your porch to more active endeavors like joining a homeowners association. You can also use these ideas to make money with your new home.


1. Host a Neighborhood Housewarming Party

Plan a housewarming party after moving in. Clean and prepare your home. Decide on the food and drinks. On the party day, welcome your neighbors and show them your home. Engage in friendly conversations. Talk about the neighborhood. Listen to stories.

A housewarming party is a good step towards building relationships.

2. Share a Sweet Treat With Your Neighbors

Bake something sweet at home. It can be cookies, brownies, or a cake. Take your treats to your neighbors. Introduce yourself when you deliver your packages. Share where you moved from. Ask your neighbors about their time in the neighborhood. Food helps start friendly relationships.

Image Of A Door Hanger That Says Happy Fall Y'All Which Is Probably Better Than The Philly Version Of Happy Tues Yous.
Graphic: Download The Homebuyer.com Door Hanger Printables

3. Host a Dinner Party For Your Neighbors 

Host a neighborhood dinner party. Invite your immediate neighbors and plan a balanced menu to meet everyone’s dietary needs. During dinner, engage in deeper conversations about local shops, parks, and schools. Get to know your neighbors and your community.

4. Ask For Favors & Do Good Deeds

You’re new in the neighborhood but don’t hesitate to ask for small favors. It can be something simple like borrowing sugar. Later, return the favor. For example, you can help a neighbor with yard work or take in the trash cans. Doing favors builds trust among neighbors.

5. Join The Neighborhood Book Club

Check if there’s a local book club and consider joining it. Book clubs are an excellent way to meet people with similar interests. Discuss your views on the chosen book and listen to others’ interpretations. A shared love for books can help foster meaningful relationships.

If there’s no neighborhood book club, think about starting one.

6. Have a Doggie Playdate

If you and your dog moved into a pet-friendly home, make doggy playdates with your new neighbors’ furry pals.

Choose a location like your yard or a local dog park. Bring toys and treats for the dogs and make it a dual ice-breaker for you and your pet. Take lots of photos, share them with the group, and grab our doggy date printout below.

Image Snippet Of The Cleverly-Punned Pdf Welcome To The Pawty
Graphic: Download The Homebuyer.com Welcome To The Pawty Printable

7. Enjoy The Neighborhood Porch Life

Spending time in your front yard and on your porch is a terrific passive way to meet and greet new neighbors. Say hello when people walk or run by. Greet your neighbors who walk their pets. Start friendly conversations and get to know your community.

8. Volunteer For Your Local Homeowners Association

Your local homeowners association (HOA) is served by neighborhood residents so joining the HOA is a direct way to give to the community and meet your neighbors. After moving in, attend HOA meetings and volunteer to join the board. Plan local events, manage dues, and offer ideas to improve the community. Listen to what your neighbors say. Share your thoughts too.

9. Do Volunteer Work In The Neighborhood

Volunteering your time and skills is an excellent way to make new relationships. Ask about your neighborhood’s cleanup crews, community gardens, tutoring opportunities, and other available work. You can also volunteer for city organizations, like the local animal shelter if your neighborhood opportunities are limited.

10. Hold a Photo Scavenger Hunt 

Invite your neighbors to a planned photo scavenger hunt. Make a list of items and landmarks to photograph in the neighborhood and let everyone take photos in their personal style. Share the pictures afterward. Scavenger hunts can be fun to explore your new community and share experiences with your neighbors.

11. Plan A Neighborhood Pool Party

If your new home has a pool or the neighborhood has a community pool, use it to meet your neighbors. Plan a neighborhood pool party for a weekend day or weekday after work. Provide pool games and food. Ensure safety for all, especially kids. Suggest everyone bring a dish. Pool parties are a low-key way to interact with your new neighbors.

12. Start A Neighborhood Game Night

Make Neighborhood Game Night a can’t-miss activity.

Arrange for a one-time or weekly night of party games that are easy, inclusive, and fun. Games create laughter and bonding. They’re a good way to meet your neighbors in a relaxed setting.

We created a game night tournament bundle to help welcome your neighbors. Download it below.

Image Of The Homebuyer.com Meet Your Neighbors Pdf Pack
Graphic: Download The Homebuyer.com Block Party Tournament Bundle

13. Make A Neighborhood Movie Night 

Set up a movie night for your new neighbors. Choose a popular or classic movie that appeals to grown-ups and kids. If you have an outdoor projector and the weather is nice, host in your new backyard. Offer popcorn and soft drinks. Movie nights allow for relaxed conversations.

14. Host A Neighborhood Talent Show 

Plan a neighborhood talent show and make it fun. Invite everyone to participate. Talents can be anything – singing, dancing, magic tricks. Talent shows are a fun way to learn about your neighbors and discover hidden talents. It’s wholesale entertainment for the neighborhood.

15. Organize a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt 

Organize a fun-for-all-ages scavenger hunt around the neighborhood. Make it fun and challenging. Invite all your neighbors to participate. Scavenger hunts can encourage teamwork and create enjoyable interactions with your neighbors. It’s a fun and active way to spend a day.

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16. Invite A Fire Truck To The Neighborhood

Schedule a fire truck visit with your local fire department. Kids love to explore fire trucks and learn from firefighters, while adults can learn valuable fire safety lessons. The fire department may also bring goodies like plastic fire hats or badge stickers, or you could prepare favors and treats for the kids.

17. Celebrate the Season 

Celebrate the changing seasons with your neighbors. Invite your neighbors to events like spring picnics, solstice parties, and winter snowman competitions. Seasonal events are a good way to share joy, and meet and interact with your neighbors.

18. Host A Sidewalk Chalk Party

Buy a bucket of sidewalk chalk and invite your neighbors for a sidewalk art event. Choose a seasonal or citywide theme, then let creativity run wild. Sidewalk chalk is a fun activity for all ages, bringing color and vibrancy to neighborhood streets. Making art or doodles is a low-key way to relax with your neighbors.

19. Ride in a Neighborhood Bike Parade 

Plan a family-friendly neighborhood bike parade and invite all the bikers in your neighborhood to join. Choose a safe, bike-friendly route and decide on a time. Make themed invitations and put them on doorsteps or mailboxes. Bike parades are an active community event that everyone can enjoy.

20. Organize a Neighborhood 5K Walk/Run

Plan a neighborhood 5K walk/run and invite your neighbors to participate. Create a theme and make silly prizes for Best Finish, Best Costumes, and Best Signs. Keep the event relaxed to maximize neighborhood participation. Whether running together or cheering each other on, community 5ks are friendship-building events.

21. Host a Neighborhood Yard Sale

Organize a joint yard sale and include your new neighbors. Invite each home to sell items they no longer need. Yard sales are a practical way to declutter and an opportunity to interact with neighbors and trade goods. Chat about items for sale and get to know each other better.

22. Host A Neighborhood Bonfire

If it’s safe and allowed in your neighborhood, host a Friday Night bonfire at your home. Invite your neighbors to roast marshmallows, make s’mores, and hang out. Bonfires are a cozy way to spend an evening. It allows for relaxed conversations with your neighbors.

23. Host A Neighborhood Grill-Off 

Plan a neighborhood grill-off and host it at your new home. Invite your neighbors to grill their best dishes and make their sides. Add a friendly competition with simple trophies and awards if you want. Grill-offs are a delicious way to spend a day while enjoying good food and making good conversations.

24. Start a Community Garden

Find a common neighborhood area for a garden. Invite your neighbors to join. Each person can manage a plot. Share the produce. Gardening together lets you work with your neighbors on a project and allows you to reason to talk regularly with your neighbors.

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25. Organize a Charity Drive 

Plan a charity drive. Choose a cause and invite your neighbors to contribute. Collect items or funds. Donate them to the chosen charity. Charitable work brings your neighbors together for a cause and provides an opportunity to meet and talk.

26. Host a Kid’s Play Date 

If you have kids, plan a play date. Invite other neighborhood children to your home for the first play date. Parents can rotate hosting for future get-togethers. Safe social settings help children make friends and parents find support. 

27. Start a Fitness Group 

If you like to exercise, start a neighborhood fitness group. Invite your neighbors to join. It could be running, yoga, pickleball, or anything else. Make a schedule and a meeting place. Use sports to build relationships. 

28. Organize a Holiday Decoration Contest 

Start a friendly neighborhood decoration competition. Create awards and prizes for best decorations, most creative, and best theme. Decorations can make a neighborhood festive any time of year. The light-hearted competition also allows you to interact with neighbors fun and casually.

29. Hold a Neighborhood Clean-Up Day 

Organize a neighborhood clean-up day. Find a nearby spot that needs attention and do a community deed. Provide gloves and trash bags for everyone participating. Neighborhood clean-ups improve your local curb appeal and bring you closer to your neighbors.

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30. Organize a Neighborhood History Discussion 

Plan a discussion about your neighborhood’s history. Invite long-term residents to share their experiences and what they know. Newer residents can learn about the neighborhood and its heritage. Discussions about the area foster an appreciation for the community and provide a unique opportunity to hear your neighbors’ stories. 

31. Host a Neighborhood International Food Day 

Plan an international food day with your neighbors and host it in your home. Each person can cook and share a favorite dish from their culture with the community. Food events are delicious and let you experience the different cultures in your community.

32. Start a Neighborhood Walking Group

Organize a walking group with your neighbors. Choose a regular date and time to begin and a route that starts at your home. Rotate among participants for pre- and post-walk beverages and light fare. Walking groups promote fitness and casual conversation.

33. Plan A Neighborhood DIY Workshop 

If you have a skill, share it with your neighbors. Plan a workshop and teach your neighbors how to paint, cook, garden, or anything else. Teaching is a terrific way to make relationships and interact with neighbors in a positive setting.

34. Host a Block Party

A block party is the ultimate way to celebrate with your neighbors and greet everyone at once. Your HOA may have planned annual block parties; if not, you can organize the party with neighborhood volunteers.

A happy and healthy neighborhood starts with conversation and collaboration.

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       Home buyers appreciate great neighbors and neighborhoods.  A Bank of America study showed that home buyers value connected communities, and nearly two-thirds said neighborhood quality is their number one reason for choosing where to buy — higher than home affordability even. Strong communities and neighbors improve your life and offer safety and social wellness. So, […]

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